TAALEEM STUDIO offers a complete 360º educational experience in singing and the vocal arts. Our courses are carefully crafted and designed to provide students with a comprehensive insight into all the skills and tools you need to make it in the real world of music.

Our curriculum therefore covers not just vocal training and breathing techniques, but also diction, lyrics, appearance, presentation and personality grooming. You will also connect to the industry through Jam Sessions and opportunity to experience and participate in real live events backstage.

Our esteemed Advisory Panel consists of Master Lyricists, Diction Specialists, Industry Managers, Song Selectors, Show Organisers, Video Directors, Recording Studio Heads and TV Channel Directors with whom students can interact to gain a fully working knowledge of what it takes to be part of India’s modern music industry.



We believe that the realms of music and education are boundless and can take you anywhere in life.



We have faith in our mission and will explore every opportunity to advance the wellbeing of our students and our people.



We trust that everyone has talent and our role is to enable you to discover it within yourself



We are futuristic in our thinking and incorporate cutting edge technologies to constantly create better ways of learning



We are committed to establish a new benchmark in education based upon a service culture of quality and transparency



We are a school of life for life – all your lessons and experiences can teach you – if you are willing to start



We are unconstrained by dogma and traditional practices – our mission is to find fresh, contemporary practices and solutions