“It’s a lifetime dream for us to launch a music academy, which was inspired long ago by our family’s heritage and passion for education and music. With deep thanks and gratitude to our mentors and loyal friends, who have helped to steer our career, we’ve reached a point in our lives where this dream can become a reality.

We want to share our experience and give something back – and help to nurture and steer the careers of anyone who has the same dream we had. We have a huge passion to make the TAALEEM STUDIO the very pinnacle of education for the musical arts in India.

We promise to always strive for excellence in all that we do and innovation in all that we offer. Above all we want to bring out the very best in everyone who is a part of this movement.”



Sajid Wajid are sons of Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan and Raziya Sharafat Ali Khan and each of their parents can trace their musical heritage back through generations to very roots of Indian music. Their ancestors were themselves music maestros, whose skills pioneered film music from the beginnings of the film industry.

The family hails from Kirana Gharana, perhaps the very embodiment of Indian Classical Music’s beauty. Gharana means an abode (not necessarily in the physical sense), which enshrines a school of thought and has distinctive character traits. The founder generally lays the foundation and successive musicians build upon it, generation by generation. Sajid Wajid are the latest generation in the family and represent a long line of musical mastery going back centuries.